Exclusive Tyler Perry’s THE MARRIAGE COUNSELOR Zach Sale Interview

By Lena Lamoray / June 3, 2012

I spoke with Zach Sale about his new film, Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor, which is coming to theaters in March of 2013.  The film starring Zach, Kim Kardashian (playing a marriage counselor), Vanessa Williams, Jerry Stiller, Candice Coke, and Andrea Moore was set to come out in July but […]

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Exclusive THE HUNGER GAMES Tara Macken Interview

By Lena Lamoray / March 1, 2012

I spoke with Tara Macken from The Hunger Games, Sons of Anarchy, and a ton of other projects.  Tara took on Tara in season three of Sons of Anarchy as Luisa. You can see her this weekend as a District 4 Tribute Girl in The Hunger Games.  I can’t wait […]

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Exclusive RED TAILS Marcus Paulk Interview, “David ‘Deke’ Watkins”

By Lena Lamoray / January 19, 2012

I spoke with Marcus Paulk, who stars in the new George Lucas film, Red Tails.  Red Tails is about the Tuskegee Airmen from World War II.  Marcus portrays David ‘Deke’ Watkins, one of the lead fighter pilots, in this spectacularly cast film.  Not only do we get to watch Marcus […]

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Exclusive THE THING Kim Bubbs Interview

By Lena Lamoray / October 13, 2011

I spoke with Kim Bubbs about The Thing.  Kim plays Juliette in the prequel to John Carpenter’s, The Thing.  It’s was an absolute pleasure to speak with Kim and find out more about the movie and about her character.  She was very nice and well-spoken and her film On the […]

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REAL STEEL Opened October 7th and Stars Karl Yune, Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo & Evangeline Lilly

By Lena Lamoray / October 7, 2011

REAL STEEL is an action-packed, beautifully crafted adventure that will surpass all of your expectations.  I went in thinking it would be a decent film but even I was not prepared for the amount of praise that I would be uttering about this phenomenal motion picture.  Real Steel was actually […]

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Exclusive REAL STEEL Karl Yune Interview

By Lena Lamoray / September 30, 2011

I spoke with KARL YUNE about his new film with Hugh Jackman, REAL STEEL.  Karl plays Tak Mashido, “the reclusive genius of the robot design world.”  I really enjoyed my time on the phone with Karl and it was so nice of him to answer all of my fan girl […]

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Exclusive MONEYBALL and BATTLESHIP Stephen Bishop Interview

By Lena Lamoray / September 12, 2011

I spoke with STEPHEN BISHOP about his new film MONEYBALL with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill that is premiering this weekend.  Stephen also discussed his roles in the upcoming films Battleship and Safe House.  I even got to talk about a couple of my favorite Stephen Bishop films, The Rundown […]

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BURN NOTICE: THE FALL OF SAM AXE Bruce Campbell & Matt Nix Interviews

By Lena Lamoray / July 21, 2011

MATT NIX and BRUCE CAMPBELL spoke with us about BURN NOTICE and BURN NOTICE: THE FALL OF SAM AXE in the press room at COMIC-CON 2011.  Bruce looked as handsome as ever and Matt is one of my favorite creators because not only has he enriched our lives with BURN […]

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Exclusive Interview with NICHOLAS GONZALEZ from OFF THE MAP

By Lena Lamoray / February 27, 2011

  I spoke with NICHOLAS GONZALEZ about his role in ABC’s hit medical drama, OFF THE MAP. Nicholas was so incredible to speak with. What a phenomenal and positively brilliant man. There is nothing better than a beautiful man with a fabulous sense of humor that can one up you in a conversation. I […]

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ARE WE THERE YET? Terry Crews Interview TBS

By Lena Lamoray / December 20, 2010

Television’s Favorite Blended Family Returns as TBS’s Hit Comedy Series ARE WE THERE YET? Terry Crews and Essence Atkins Star in Comedy Series with Special Guest Star Ice Cube From Revolution Studios and Cube Vision, Distributed by Debmar-Mercury. The Kingston-Person family returns to the neighborhood in January with all new […]

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