TALHOTBLOND Laura San Giacomo Interview Lifetime Movie of the Week

By Lena Lamoray / June 23, 2012

Laura San Giacomo took some time to chat about her Lifetime Movie of the Week, TalHotBlond, which premiers tonight at 8pm. The film is based on a true story and based on the documentary of the same name. It also stars Raising Hope’s Garrett Dillahunt and is produced by – […]

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WILFRED Elijah Wood Interview FX

By Lena Lamoray / June 20, 2012

I spoke with Elijah Wood about the new season of Wilfred.  I adore the show and Elijah is always a pleasure to speak with.  Elijah plays Ryan. I’ve watched the first few episodes of the season and if you loved season one, get ready to fall even deeper in love […]

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Exclusive THE PACT Caity Lotz Interview

By Lena Lamoray / June 10, 2012

I spoke with Caity Lotz about The Pact, Death Valley, and more.  The Pact is available now on video on demand, and it will be in select theaters in July.  Caity plays Annie.  The Pact was written and directed by Nicholas McCarthy. The film also stars Casper Van Dien and […]

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Tonight Show with Jay Leno Snow White and the Huntsman’s Chris Hemsworth almost quit acting

By Shawn Marazine / June 6, 2012

Chris Hemsworth on getting punched by Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Michael Fassbende talks about his passion outside of acting and promotes his new film “Prometheus.”

By Shawn Marazine / June 6, 2012

Michael talks about his passion outside of acting and promotes his new film “Prometheus.”

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MTV 2012 Movie Awards Winners and Highlights

By Shawn Marazine / June 3, 2012

  BEST ON-SCREEN DIRTBAG WINNER Jennifer Aniston Horrible Bosses Directed by Seth Gordon Man-eating, nymphomaniac dentist Jennifer Aniston is out to corner her assistant Charlie Day, using seriously aggressive intimidation tactics. BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE WINNER Shailene Woodley The Descendants Directed by Alexander Payne In her first ever feature film, Shailene Woodley […]

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Exclusive Tyler Perry’s THE MARRIAGE COUNSELOR Zach Sale Interview

By Lena Lamoray / June 3, 2012

I spoke with Zach Sale about his new film, Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor, which is coming to theaters in March of 2013.  The film starring Zach, Kim Kardashian (playing a marriage counselor), Vanessa Williams, Jerry Stiller, Candice Coke, and Andrea Moore was set to come out in July but […]

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Exclusive THE HUNGER GAMES Tara Macken Interview

By Lena Lamoray / March 1, 2012

I spoke with Tara Macken from The Hunger Games, Sons of Anarchy, and a ton of other projects.  Tara took on Tara in season three of Sons of Anarchy as Luisa. You can see her this weekend as a District 4 Tribute Girl in The Hunger Games.  I can’t wait […]

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Exclusive RED TAILS Marcus Paulk Interview, “David ‘Deke’ Watkins”

By Lena Lamoray / January 19, 2012

I spoke with Marcus Paulk, who stars in the new George Lucas film, Red Tails.  Red Tails is about the Tuskegee Airmen from World War II.  Marcus portrays David ‘Deke’ Watkins, one of the lead fighter pilots, in this spectacularly cast film.  Not only do we get to watch Marcus […]

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Exclusive THE THING Kim Bubbs Interview

By Lena Lamoray / October 13, 2011

I spoke with Kim Bubbs about The Thing.  Kim plays Juliette in the prequel to John Carpenter’s, The Thing.  It’s was an absolute pleasure to speak with Kim and find out more about the movie and about her character.  She was very nice and well-spoken and her film On the […]

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