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Git Fresh, Miami’s Latest Export

GET READY FOR GIT FRESH!!! MIAMI’S LATEST EXPORT!‏ Roc4life.com Can Miami get any hotter than what it already is? Yes, it can. Thanks to Def Jam’s newest group Git Fresh, everyone will get a taste of what Miami Rap/Pop has to offer. Pretty $ly, Penny, and Rude Boi sing over […]


History Channel, America the Story of US, Foursquare Application

FOURSQUARE USERS HUNT FOR HISTORICAL SITES IN THEIR LOCAL COMMUNITIES WITH LAUNCH OF HISTORY™’S “AMERICA THE STORY OF US” PROMOTION Featured Cities Include New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Chicago, Seattle, Austin, Denver, Phoenix, Detroit and Minneapolis Randomly […]