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SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “John 8:32”

Allow the characters to take you on a mystical journey of tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy. “Shit happened.” “That’s some crazy ass shit.” That’s pretty much all you need to know. It’s just…WOW! “Jax learns new secrets that turn his world sideways.” That is clearly an understatement. After the […]

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SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “Poenitentia”

Sons of Anarchy has joined Rafi’s (The League) Domination League because seriously, this season is taking over television.  You couldn’t stop watching it even if you wanted to.  Tonight’s episode is full of irony, disgust, tragedy, action, insight, déjà vu, fringe, free range briefs, apologizing, creepy glares, and a few […]

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SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “One One Six”

Sons of Anarchy returned last week with a record-breaking premiere.  The premiere explored some very dark and disturbing storylines.  Kurt is not one to shy away from controversy, but many say that he crossed the line.  Let me ask you this – If you don’t speak about something does it […]

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SONS OF ANARCHY Donal Logue Interview FX

 I spoke with the best Sons of Anarchy guest star ever, the brilliant Donal Logue. Donal plays Lee Toric, a retired U.S. Marshal that wants answers regarding his sister’s death.  Otto (Kurt Sutter) murdered her with a cross that Tara (Maggie Siff) brought to him in prison.  The nurse that […]

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SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “Darthy” FX

Last week on Sons of Anarchy we met Donal Logue’s character and tonight we will get a proper introduction.  Jane’s Addiction fans get excited because Dave Navarro also has a guest-starring role that begins tonight.  If that isn’t enough for you the legendary Peter Weller directed tonight’s episode. “Darthy” –Jax […]

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Clip 1   Title: Before The Anarchy – “Tig” Description: Before the next episode, feel the wrath of one of SAMCRO’s most unique personalities, actor Kim Coates (“Tig”).   Clip 2   Title: Orca Shrugged Description: Jax attempts to pull SAMCRO into a new business venture.  

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SONS OF ANARCHY Episode Review “Dorylus”

“Dorylus” Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 3 Advance Review, Airing 9/20/2011 Last week on SONS OF ANARCHY we were introduced to members of the Galindo Cartel, Romeo (Danny Trejo) and Luis (Benito Martinez). Should SAMCRO go into business with the Cartel?  It is a question that doesn’t come with an easy […]


PETER WELLER Interview, Guest Star on FRINGE

FRINGE Interview with PETER WELLER Guest star on FRINGE Watch FRINGE on Thursday Nights at 9 PM EST on FOX April 2010 By Lena Lamoray THE TEAM INVESTIGATES A POWERFUL CASE WITH DEADLY CONSEQUENCES ON AN ALL-NEW “FRINGE” THURSDAY, APRIL 15, ON FOX Peter Weller (“RoboCop”) Guest-StarsWhen passengers aboard a […]